Fishing Tips for Family Camping Time

family fishing

Here comes summer, and you know the drill. Schools will be closed, and the kids will be home! To some, this provides an opportunity for an escape family camping time away from home. To others, it is that dreaded time when they have to put up with rowdy or stiff bored kids. The long list of things that they will want to do will suck the air out of you literally. Quite a task.

Why not do what most families do over summer: Get out of the house and go camping with the family. Not just any camping; fishing.

Yes, fishing, with the family. If you haven’t done this before, this may sound like a far-fetched idea. What with long preparations, crazy schedules, and long routes. Worry not about all the things you have to do before you finally set off. This article will break it down for you all the way from where to go, what to carry and wear in order to have a memorable fun-time with your family.

Prepare Beforehand with the Family

It is important to have a sit-down with your family way before you plan to embark on a fishing trip. Remember that this is mainly for them, especially the children and therefore letting them in from the initial stages is a great way to start.

Fishing requires adequate planning. Furthermore, the fact that it’s a family thing means extra dedication into what the whole camping time will entail. This means the kids should be aware that there will be plenty of other things to do while outdoors as at times kids tend to enjoy fun-time when it involves a number of activities.

Remember, children tend to get disinterested in one activity quite easily. While you might have a number of great outdoor destinations where you intend to take the family, settling on one or just two could save you substantial costs.

In reality, you need to suggest a place that you feel is favorable to you budget-wise, worth the trip, while at the same time letting them feel like they are part of that decision.

Be careful however to be sure that the location you have settled on as a family is a great fishing point. Simply put, the location should be one that is a great habitat for fish. Kids would be so disappointed if they spend over an hour trying to catch fish without results.

Remember, to kids, the size of the fish doesn’t really matter, what matters is the quantity of fish caught.

Safety camping tips for your family

Never underestimate the value of going through basic safety tips with your family before you get out to go outdoors. You really don’t want a great outdoor family time marred with incidences of someone getting lost, getting injured, drowning or forgetting valuable items at the camping site long after you are home.

Some of the major tips will include:

• Having the first-Aid kit. This might sound like a no-brainer but it is usually overlooked. There are many first-Aid kits that are sold and you could grab one just in case you don’t have one at home. Or maybe you could customize one that suits your family. Checklists for this are readily available online.

If you have a kid who needs an inhaler while outdoors don’t forget to include in the kit. Medication should also be included in this kit also if you need to. Since you will be camping, don’t forget to carry insecticides and repellants.

• Go through campfire safety practices. As a rule, do not use gasoline to light fires or any other flammable fuels. Always carry safe starters. Do not let children come so close to the fire and have an extinguisher ready just in case the fire grows big. If you will spend the night out, be sure to put out the fire completely.

• Practice food and water safety. Having children while fishing might provide a challenge if you won’t direct them in advance that they shouldn’t wash hands or drink the water they are fishing in. Have this rule implemented and always keep your eyes on them.

This being a fishing expedition, you will need to have extra safety tips to ensure this becomes a great adventure.

Tips for Fishing with the Family

The most important tip to consider is safety. Regardless of where you will take the family for fishing, safety has to take center stage as a little misstep can lead to an injury or great harm to children. Sharp objects such as knives and hooks should be handled by adults and of course that is the prime time for teaching your children how to use reels.

Have the kids put on lifejackets at all time while on the boat regardless of whether they know how to swim or not.

Secondly, as earlier discussed, choosing the right spot for fishing is key to ensuring the kids have a fulfilled fish camping adventure. It is advisable to choose a spot that is laden with small fish as kids will enjoy catching much fish as opposed to looking for a large trophy.

Small panfish like crappie and bluegills is an ideal spot, though it might not seem like a good catch for you, remember this is about the family and specifically the kids.

From your preparations, you must have easy to use equipment. Fishing has very advanced gear, but it is suitable to carry simple equipment used by inexperienced people for your kids. A push-button reel might be the best for kids, while you and any other adults might have a bait caster. You might as well have live bait for kids to make them catch more fish and make the experience more fun.

Time is critical also. Naturally, kids get impatient quite faster after engaging in the same activity. Make it a point of doing fishing for at most two hours if you want to keep the energy and attention high.

Furthermore, let each kid have their own fishing gear including the fishing rods, hooks, sinkers, and lures. Each child learns differently, and you are teaching them among other things, patience. Let each learn in their own space, and have experiences of their own, including learning to use the gear.

Finally, do not forget that the main goal here is to have fun. Adults will always want to count the number of fish caught and gauge it to the overall goal.

Remember, your family just needed some time outdoors for fun. In fact, don’t forget to have a camera for shooting short fun videos and taking pictures. Never mind about clarity. One day when the kids are old enough, this will be such sweet memories for them.


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