best food to take camping

Best Food to Take Camping

When you are preparing for your next camping adventure, you will need to consider what type of food will fit the type of trip you are taking.  There is a wide variety of food to bring camping but the choice will depend on the length of stay, temperature, if you can keep items cold, and […]

Camping Activities for Couples

Camping Activities for Couples

Camping is something that should be shared with your significant other because it allows for the distractions of technology to be cast aside and in order to get the most out of your camping trip, it is best to bring awareness to the different camping activities for couples..  Being in nature makes for the perfect […]

how to go camping for the first time

How To Go Camping For The First Time

Camping can be a blissful experience or it can be an experience that will make you want to pack up and go home; the key is to be prepared.  When I was heading out the door for my first camping experience, I did not read a how to go camping for the first time guide.  […]

best camping tents

Top 11 Best Camping Tents – Buyer’s Guide and Review

Do you love to camp? There’s something so exciting about camping! But, one thing you can be sure of, is that you’ll need a sturdy shelter to keep your dry and warm, when you’re in the outdoors.A good camping tent will give you the peace of mind you need to ensure that all your camping […]

minimalist camping

Minimalist Camping: How to Master Backpacking

Minimalist camping may seem like a weird way to just say “pack less stuff.”  However, the minimalist approach has much more to offer.  It is not only about packing light but also about having the right mindset before you head out into nature. Don’t be bogged down by expert advice on the best camping gear […]

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Best Time to Go Camping

Every season of the year offers amazing opportunities to partake in certain activities while camping in the outdoors.  The time of year you choose to camp will depend on the certain temperature you prefer, the type of activities you enjoy, and the type of scenery you like to be surrounded by.  Since there is such […]

Hiking Gear for Beginners

Hiking Gear for Beginners

So, you want to get into hiking but have no idea where to start? If this is the case, you can join thousands of others who fall into the same trap each and every year. Sadly, many people make the mistake of starting too quickly or not getting the right equipment and then deciding that […]