Best Time to Go Camping

Every season of the year offers amazing opportunities to partake in certain activities while camping in the outdoors.  The time of year you choose to camp will depend on the certain temperature you prefer, the type of activities you enjoy, and the type of scenery you like to be surrounded by.  Since there is such a wide variety of outdoor activities to get excited about, it will be your preference that will determine the best time to go camping.


We will be starting with summer because of my obsession of camping in the summer months.  It will depend on the region you are camping but you will want to decipher what month would match your preference for temperature.  When I go to Colorado, I also determine the month I will go camping based on the month wild flowers are most prominent.  If wild flowers are something you enjoy to see, a tip for if you go to the Rocky Mountains, is to go in mid-June when they start to blossom.  Now we will dive into the specifics of the type of activities you can appreciate during summer, which to me makes a good case as to why this season is the best time to go camping.

Summer Camping Activities

  • Hiking

    • Hiking is a go to camping activity for any season, however during summer months this activity has amazing scenery and weather conditions.
    • As I mentioned previously, it is also a great time of year to see wildflowers blooming.
  • Swimming

    • Of course, swimming would be included as a great summer camping activity because who doesn’t want to cool off in refreshing water.
    • If you are hoping for a more exclusive swimming experience, try to find a swimming hole near you.
    • A website has even dedicated itself to finding the perfect swimming hole and lists multiple known locations for easy access.
  • Tubing

    • For those that like to have an adrenaline rush, tubing behind a boat is right up your alley. It is fast paced and creates the challenge of staying on the tube as the boat whips you around and you are crashing against the wave crest.  Choosing this route will be sure to leave your arms sore.
    • Tubing can also be relaxing. There are a lot of rivers that offer the option of lazily coasting down the river.
      • The amount of time it takes to get to the drop off site, usually is up to the speed of the river current. This makes for a slow-paced activity but has the benefit of the revitalizing water against your skin and the sun shining upon you.
    • Cycling

      • Cycling can either be done on mountain bikes or street bikes. It will just depend on the type of terrain you are hoping to cycle on.
      • This activity makes for a great way to spend time with others and it allows you to soak up the scenery at a little faster pace than hiking can offer.
    • Fishing

      • Fishing makes for a peaceful activity. There are various types of fishing such as fly fishing, handheld fishing, and net fishing.
      • If you choose to bring fishing gear on your camping trip, make sure to check on the type of equipment allowed since some parks are particular.
      • Also, make sure to be registered within the state you will be camping. If you plan to stay at a national park, make sure to check out the details.
    • Tennis

      • Tennis is an activity you can easily do at your campground. Some campgrounds even offer tennis courts but make sure to look up amenities for your campsite to find out more.
      • Even if no tennis court is around, make your own! You could use utility cord and tie each end to a tree.  I am sure other campers would even choose to join in on the fun.
    • Kayaking or Canoeing

      • Kayaking is an activity that can be done with one person or two. It is an easier option to bring along on a camping trip, however you can also typically rent one near your campground. This activity tends to be a great arm workout.
      • Canoeing is a very similar activity but is usually done in pairs or groups, depending upon how large your canoe is.
    • Kiteboarding

      • This activity is something I am yet to try but sounds very appealing. It involves a large controllable power kite that allows you to guide yourself against the wind and a board with foot straps, which you harness yourself in to.  When first trying to learn this activity, make sure to have an instructor to show you how.
    • Jet Skiing

      • This is a favorite of mine. During the summer months, it makes for an amazing adventure on water.
      • Jet skiing can be done at whatever speed you feel comfortable. In my opinion faster is better because it allows you to get major air when you crash against a wave.
    • Zorbing

      • Zorbing is a new activity that started to become a trend activity done in the summer. It involves you being placed in a giant transparent, plastic orb then rolled down a hill while you gently bounce around in the orb.  It can also be done on water and this involves you actually walking on water while inside the orb.
      • To find out more on what zorbing is, check out this website.
    • Snorkeling

      • Snorkeling will be something you can take advantage of if you are camping near a beach. It will be an activity you will most likely need to pay for, due to needing equipment, a boat, and guidance on how to do the activity.
      • If you have the option to do the activity, make sure to do it. The amount of wildlife you can see under waters is amazing.  It allows you to see life beneath the sea, which is so colorful and lively.
    • White Water Rafting

      • I have gone white water rafting in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee and it was spectacular. This is a camping activity for those who love a rush of excitement.  When I went, I sat at the very back of the raft and flew up into the air when our raft hit a rapid.  It was amazing!
      • This is an activity that is great to do in a group but can easily be done solo. It involves a lot of teamwork for those in the raft and it will be an activity that will need to be done with an experienced guide.


Near fall time it starts to cool off and allows for more people to enjoy the camping experience without the constant sweating.  I think the best time to go camping is in the summer due to the warmer weather but fall weather is not far behind.  It allows for you to experience a refreshing cool breeze while you are camping and creates amazing scenery with the colorful leaves on the trees.

Fall Camping Activities

  • Apple Picking

    • Apple Picking in an apple orchard creates a beautiful view of all the rows of colorful apples hanging from trees. It also has the added benefit of you being able to pick your own delicious and fresh apples.
  • Corn Maze

    • Corn mazes can be simple or complex mazes constructed in corn fields. Complex ones tend to be more challenging, which can make for a fun afternoon.
  • Hike

    • Hiking is a camping favorite and can be done during any time of the year. Make sure to layer up and wear shoes rather than sandals.
    • During the fall season, you will get to see vivid colors of yellow, orange, and red appear on the leaves while hiking along the trails.
  • Hayride

    • When looking for a relaxing fall activity to do with a group or by yourself, hayrides are what you are looking for.
    • You will be sitting on a barrel of hay on the back of a trailer and get to enjoy the beautiful landscape at a slow pace. Make sure to accompany the hayride with the perfect fall drink, apple cider.
  • Pumpkin Picking and Carving

    • This activity will bring back childhood memories and create new ones to cherish.
    • Since pumpkins are a common symbol of fall weather, it provides a great item to release your creative energy on to.
    • You can easily bring the pumpkins you picked back to your campsite. Then you can get artistic and carve anything into your pumpkin or you could purchase a trace sheet that allows you to carve a specific image.
  • Fishing

    • Fishing can be done in cooler weather as well. Some even prefer it since it allows for you to fish for longer periods of time because you won’t be squelched by the blazing sun.  If you enjoy fishing for bass, they are most prominent during this season.
  • Corn Hole

    • Since I grew up in a small rural environment, I have played this game for years. It involves having two boards that have a hole in each.  You attempt to throw the small, square bags into the holes.  It involves a point system, which allows for you to identify who is the winner.
    • If you would like to learn the rules of the game, here is a great website to get you started on your potentially new favorite camping activity.
  • Soccer

    • Soccer can either be done with nets available to try to kick the ball into or by simply kicking a soccer ball around with another person.
    • I find it enjoyable to just kick the ball back and forth or attempt to do tricky maneuvers with the soccer ball.
  • Disc Golf

    • Disc golf is also referred to as Frisbee golf. This involves you using a Frisbee and throwing it into specific areas that are marked and typically involve chain that catches the Frisbee within it.
    • If there is no layout for Disc golf, then just use a Frisbee and throw it back and forth with another person. It makes for the same entertainment.
  • Kayaking or Canoeing

    • Most people do not associate water activities with fall, however if you layer up and wear water proof shoes you are good to go. It also allows for a great opportunity to see colorful trees along the bank.
  • Cycling

    • Cycling can be done in any season, just make sure to layer your clothing before going on an excursion away from your campsite.


Everyone knows the winter months are not usually referred to as the best time to go camping, but make sure you factor in all the amazing activities you can do during this season before you toss winter camping to the side.  Camping can be enjoyed in any season, the key is to be prepared.  This is definitely true when it comes to the winter months.

Winter Camping Activities

  • Skiing

    • While you are camping, check out a local ski resort. Here you can rent skis, hit the slopes, and relax in a lodge while you take a break from the outdoors.  I prefer skiing over snowboarding due to the activity being fun and easy to learn.
  • Snowboarding

    • Snowboarding is another way to enjoy the wintery slopes. It is something that can be learned in a day but will take more hours practicing than skiing requires.
  • Tubing

    • Tubing requires no skill at all, you just have to plop down in a tube and ride it down the slick snowy hills. You can find a tall hill on your own to tube down or you can go to a place that offers tubing.
    • If you choose the place that offers tubing, it requires minimal effort because most places even have a motorized belt that brings you and your tube to the top of the hill.
  • Cross Country Skiing

    • This involves skies, poles, and a lot of energy. You will have to rely on your own movement to propel you forward along the snow-covered ground.
    • It is usually a pretty easy activity due to the ground being slick from the ice but be aware some areas will be harder to ski on.
  • Snowmobiling

    • Snowmobiling is a great way to find an exclusive area outside of the campground.
    • You can travel at fast speeds and ride to a place of solitude. It also makes a great activity to do in a group.
  • Snow Shoeing

    • I have been snow shoeing in the Rocky Mountains National Park in Colorado and it was an amazing experience. My girlfriend and I went when it was still snowing, so as we snowshoed through the park everything in front of us looked like it had never been touched.
    • If you are looking for a similar activity to hiking, then snowshoeing is for you.
  • Ice Skating

    • Ice skating rinks are offered within cities but also in the outdoor close to campgrounds. You will just have to search near your area to find what you are looking for.
  • Ice Fishing

    • Fishing doesn’t only have to be done in the summer time. You can also enjoy some ice fishing during the colder months.  It allows for you to take a moment for yourself and enjoy the quietness.
  • Snow Ball Fight

    • As children snow ball fights were a common thing to do during winter camping. It was a simple activity that was jam packed with excitement and laughter.
    • An added bonus is that it can be done within the campground.


Spring season is similar to summer due to the easy capability to be outdoors.  Although spring does typically bring along more rain accumulation, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying spring camping.  The activities that you can experience in the summer are similar to the activities in spring, but keep in mind the difference in weather so you are prepared for the camping activities you want to do.

Spring Camping Activities

  • Kayaking or Canoeing

    • These are both great ways to get out on the water and start to enjoy the warm weather.
    • You could even bring along a cooler and blanket and get out some place along the lake or river and have a picnic.
  • Hiking

    • Hiking is the ultimate camping activity because it is always a good idea. It gets you out on the trails and allows you to experience nature at a slow pace.
  • Cycling

    • If you want to look at the views at a little faster pace, cycling would be your best option.
    • I tend to start cycling again during spring because it finally starts to warm up, which makes me eager to get out and ride.
  • Horseback Riding

    • Horseback riding can be located near your campground and some even offer tours through national parks.
    • Animal lovers would cherish this activity since it combines animals and beautiful views.
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

    • When you are at the campground with friends or family, you should create an outdoor scavenger hunt. It allows for everyone to partake in an activity together and it is free to do.
  • Rock Climbing

    • I have never participated in rock climbing but it is something I desperately want to try. If you are like me and are a first timer find a guide and learn how.  It will get you outdoors and it will give you a great upper body workout.
  • Kickball

    • This activity is another free way to appreciate the outdoors with others. Adults and children can both enjoy playing a round of kickball.
    • You can use anything around you as a base but you will need to make sure a kickball is brought along.

Now Go Discover Your Best Time To Go camping!

Each season offers its own unique activities.  The season you choose to go camping in will just depend on your preference.  So, when you are planning for your next camping adventure just ask yourself, “What would be the best time to go camping for me?”  This will allow for you to quickly come to a conclusion, which will aid in your decision of what activities you will do on your trip.  And hopefully as you read through the article it provided you with enough activities for each season that you realize camping doesn’t need to have perfect weather to make it an amazing outdoor experience.

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